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It causes hand pain in addition to the wrist pain. I have had several Fitbit, but never experienced any pain. This is the widest band I have ever had. Being of short stature extends into small proportions of my arm. I have tried different settings and distances on my wrist, but the pain has never gone away. Ive had excruciating pain in my arm since receiving my Fitbit last July the pain in my wrist,forearm,shoulder and even the left side of my head has been unbearable. removed it because the time wouldn't sync and from the time I've stopped wearing it my pain is disappearing. I've had arm pain and have identified the source and is a possible health risk. The charge ports on the back touch your skin and send an electrical charge directly from its battery into the nerves of your arm. I have tested the voltage and current output from these ports to confirm.

The next morning I put it on again, but on my other wrist. By afternoon I was getting pain in that arm. I figured it warranted taking off the fitbit to see if the discomfort went away. Well it did. I have not had any discomfort since I took it off. I guess in the end, my body knew. So I took off my fitbit and the discomfort was gone the next. FitBit Causing Pain in Arm: User Reports. Some users have reported that wearing a FitBit causes pain in their arm. The source of such pain has still not be been definitively identified. One theory, of course, is the radiation output. 17/03/2016 · A WOMAN who says a Fitbit burnt her wrist has been unable to get a refund because she refuses to destroy the device. Another woman has asked the company to explain “deep tissue pain” she believes was caused by her Fitbit. Meanwhile, every week, scores of users are reporting failures and. 03/04/2016 · FITBIT HARM IN THE NEWS Woman Complains of Unbearable Pain Cuased by Fitbit. FITBIT HARM IN THE NEWS Woman Complains of Unbearable Pain Cuased by Fitbit. FitBit Harms Health with Pulsed Microwave Radiation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fitbit Flex. slimkay1 Posts: 40 Member Member Posts:. so I put it on my right wrist and within a day I starting feeling same deep pain in my right elbow. I took the Fitbit off and within a day or so my right elbow is pain free but I do have the pain in my. I switched to the right arm and immediately the same thing. Learn how to ease the pain. If your muscles are screaming a day or two after a great sweat session, delayed onset muscle soreness is likely to blame. Follow the Fitbit blog for individual success stories, expert fitness tips, health and nutrition advice, product announcements, motivation and more. Substances in a Fitbit product and its battery may harm the environment or cause injury if handled and disposed of improperly. Do not expose your Fitbit product to extremely high or low temperatures. Do not use your Fitbit product in a sauna or steam room. Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean your Fitbit. I bought a Fitbit Alta last month and was really excited about it, but after about 24 hours with it on, I noticed a deep ache in my wrist almost like when the barometric pressure can cause your bone to ache around the site of an old brake. I wasn’t sure if it was the Fitbit or not, so I wore it for another day, until the pain spread up my arm.

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